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Meet Our Founder, The Change Doc

Hi There Movers & Shakers

In my college applications, I remember starting my essays with a list of adjectives (rather than sentences) to describe myself. 

Honestly, the words were more like “identifiers” which makes me realize how long I’ve had a passion for personal identity and self-awareness, two key building blocks of being a strong leader.

That was a few decades ago (ok- I am really dating myself now).  So much about me has changed since then, yet remained the same. 

But let me give it another shot.  

I am…

A woman (she/her). Life partner. Stepmother of two boys. Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Caribbean-American. Life long learner. Educator. Champion of all things women in the workplace. Human Resources executive. Leadership coach. Career advisor. Student of human and organizational behavior.  Writer. World traveler. Fitness fanatic. No B.S. communicator. Believer of keeping things simple.

And now, Founder of The Change Doc (TCD) community.

TCD was created to provide a safe space for female leaders to learn, support each other, and reclaim control of their careers.  A platform for women to strengthen their leadership skills and voices to make their homes, workplaces, and the world better.

I am so glad you are here.  Welcome.

Dr. Nicole B.

Nicole’s approach was exactly what I needed, when I needed it.  She is smart, experienced, and a straight shooter.  She was able to help me adjust my self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors so I could land my next leadership role.

Sarah, Program Manager

Nicole helped me to course correct my career.  I came to her a bit lost and scared about next steps.  For so long I had been working towards one goal, but then life happened and that goal no longer felt like a good fit.  Nothing did. Until I started working with TheChangeDoc. Nicole walked me through a process of redefining success, getting clear on my priorities, and finding a career path that aligned more to who I am today (rather than who I was 10 years ago).  Now I am more excited than ever about work.

LaToya, Director – Software Development

Working with Nicole completely changed my work life.  I knew that I wanted to stay with my company but I was no longer happy at work and it showed.  I was also feeling stretched between the office and home.  After receiving difficult feedback from my boss,  I had to take action.  Nicole’s methods and style felt like a combination of reassuring hugs and tough love combined.  With her unwavering guidance and support, I took a hard look at my leadership style, sought feedback from my team, and had some very difficult conversations including with my own self.  She coached me to find joy in my work again.  I couldn’t have done any of that without her.

Susan, Head of Strategy

I had no clue where to start, but Nicole helped me figure out what kind of leader I wanted to be, the type of team I wanted to have, and how to go about hiring the right kind of people for my business.  She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about leadership and culture – it’s infectious!

CEO, Small Marketing Agency

OMG!  I am so glad I chose TheChangeDoc!  Nicole has so much great experience.  Her expertise in working with senior leaders across multiple industries really helped me to better understand what it is going to take for me to take my career all the way to the top.

Melissa, Assistant Vice President, Risk & Compliance