Have you reached mid-life and are wondering what’s next in your career?  You’re itching for something different.  Maybe you are thinking about taking on a leadership role for the first time or switching companies.  Perhaps you’ve begun to research starting your own business or changing careers altogether?

Well, you are not alone.

What Are The Job Change Facts.

The average number of jobs in a lifetime is 12, according to a 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey of baby boomers. (Note that this represents changing positions within a company as well as moving from one employer to another.)

In its 2018 Employee Tenure Summary, the BLS reported, the median employee tenure was 4.3 years for men and 4.0 years for women.

Workers had an average of 4.5 jobs when they were 25 to 34 years old, 2.9 jobs when they were 35 to 44 years old and held an average of 1.9 jobs during the most established phase of many workers’ careers, from ages 45 to 52.

Mid-Life Career Challenge.

These workforce statistics show that job change happens frequently at all stages of our lives and careers.  Including into and well past “mid life”.  

And now, even modern day “retirement” has many individuals exploring new employment opportunities rather than not working at all.  Some continue post-retirement work for increased financial stability while others continue to work for other benefits like keeping busy, social interaction, etc.

Lately, I’ve been referring to the intersection of middle age and interest in new and different work as a mid-life career challenge.  The word “challenge” versus “crisis” is deliberate since challenges can be experienced as either positive or not positive by the individual going through it, family members, and others.

But let’s face it, a mid life career challenge can feel very risky.  There are so many things to consider when potentially switching jobs including finances, family responsibilities, professional reputation, fear of change and the unknown.  

Yet, the reasons for contemplating something different from your current role can be equally compelling such as being unfulfilled with your work, needing to escape a toxic work environment, wanting to pursue your dream or passion, seeking a higher salary.

If any of this resonates, know this: seasoned professionals can successfully change jobs (and careers).  People do it all the time, and you can too.

Resources for Job/Career Changers.

Whether you just started to think about possibilities or you’ve already made your decision to change jobs, there are a ton of resources available to you.  Refer to 4 Tips for Changing Careers. Or Not., which outlines some important considerations.

Below, we’ve also pulled together a few other, free job and career change articles and podcasts that you can use as a starting point.

And remember, it’s never too late to do work you love.

Podcasts For Job/Career Changers

  1. Second Life – Spotlights successful women who’ve made major career changes.
  2. The Career Change Maker – Shares career change strategies to help you get unstuck.
  3. Career Warrior  – Helps you upgrade your career.

Articles and Newsletters

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