As a leader, are you organized at work?

Are you more like Clean-As-A Whistle Caitlin or Stacks-Upon-Stacks Stacey?

Here’s more info so you can decide….


Caitlin keeps her digital and physical workspace neat and tidy.  She uses color coding for her filing systems, she makes sure her desk is cleared every evening, and she absolutely loves office products that keep her organized.


Stacey, on the other hand, has a more casual approach to her workspace.  She files things away under broad categories and in stacks throughout her workspace.  She ultimately finds what she is looking for even if it takes a while.  And when she starts her workday, she can easily pick up from where she left off the day before because the materials are still laid out on her desk.

So, are you more like Caitlin or Stacey?

Benefits To Being Organized At Work.

There are several benefits to being more organized in your work (and your personal life), all of which positively impact your physical and mental health.  

These include:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Less anxiety
  3. Better relationships


Tips For Being More Organized At Work.


A few practical (but not time consuming) ways to be a more organized leader are:


Getting your work calendar/schedule together.


  • Use a calendar software (ie Outlook, Google, etc)  so your calendar is always accessible no matter where you are
  • Color code your calendar appointments (ie, red=client meeting, blue=internal team meeting) so you can get a sense of your day with a quick glance
  • Create work blocks across the week to make sure you have time to think and produce  – this time should be protected at all costs
  • Use 15 minutes at the end of each day to review tomorrow’s schedule so you are well prepared


Declutter your physical workspace.


  • Try to go paperless as much as possible to minimize physical files
  • Personalize your space with a few meaningful momentos (ie, vacation photo, favorite mug, etc) – seeing these throughout your workday will boost your mood
  • Consider adding a plant or two to help clean the air and reduce fatigue
  • Dust/clean at least once per week, including your screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Leave your workspace tidy at the end of your workday  – everything back in its designated place and desk clear


Create a “leave work behind” ritual for yourself to transition from work to personal life.


  • Shut down your computer or lock your laptop in a drawer so you’re not tempted to “quickly log back on” after work hours
  • Put on your “out of office message” on your email and voicemail at the end of your workday
  • Listen to music or a podcast during your commute, if applicable
  • Schedule time with friends or family right after work
  • Do something soothing to “wash away” the work day – drink hot herbal tea, take a bubble bath, meditate, etc.

Final Thoughts.

Decluttering your physical, mental, and digital workspace not only increases your well-being, but it also increases your productivity too. 

Both for you and your team.

In celebration of National Get Organized Week (1st week in October), carve out some time to get better organization as a leader.  

The benefits are endless.

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