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In the Movers & Shakers Community @ TheChangeDoc, we all have the ability to evolve to our best selves – in life and work.

As a psychologist and human resources executive, I’ve supported thousands of leaders through transformational change in their professional (and personal) lives. Whether the change is initiated by you or some other force, is big or small, is positive or not so positive, not only can you get through it but you can also thrive. The key will be how you navigate the change. Here, you will find tips, tools, resources and a community of support as you transition and transform to be your best self.

What You Know And Don’t Know About The Change Doc

Well, after 9 months as the author of The Change Doc blog, I am finally writing an introduction post.   Can you believe it? I am sitting here giggling and shaking my head at myself.   But the truth of the matter is that I was so excited and eager to dig into meaningful content, that I […]

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5 Step Introvert’s Guide To Networking For Leaders

Ever wish there was an introvert’s guide to networking?  Particularly for you as a leader?  I will be the first to admit that throughout my career networking has not been amongst my favorite things. It could be because I am deeply introverted.   Or perhaps it’s because I get bored very easily with small talk.   Or […]

3 Quick Tips To Master Managing Up At Work For Leaders

  Managing up at work is one of those important skills that is not taught in any college or graduate degree course but is extremely necessary.   Unfortunately, some professionals never learn the skill at all. But those who have successful leadership careers are extremely gifted in this area.   What Is Managing Up At Work? […]


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