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In the Movers & Shakers Community @ TheChangeDoc, we all have the ability to evolve to our best selves – in life and work.

As a psychologist and human resources executive, I’ve supported thousands of leaders through transformational change in their professional (and personal) lives. Whether the change is initiated by you or some other force, is big or small, is positive or not so positive, not only can you get through it but you can also thrive. The key will be how you navigate the change. Here, you will find tips, tools, resources and a community of support as you transition and transform to be your best self.

For Leaders: How to Conduct Easy & Simple Mid Year Performance Reviews

SPOILER ALERT – there is a way to conduct simple mid year performance reviews.   It’s that time of the work year again – performance review time!  For most, it’s the mid-year touch point.  But if your company operates on a July through June fiscal cycle, it is time for a full year performance discussion […]

What Leaders Need To Know About the Value of Play for Adults

  How much play time do you have as an adult? Yep, you read that question right. And we are not talking about how much time you spend in front of the television or computer.  Or having a glass of wine or two when you get home from work.  Those may be activities you enjoy, […]

Mental Health & the Workplace:  5 Important Facts You Need to Know

  Note: This article is 1 of a 3 part series on Mental Health & the Workplace.     The other night, the subject of mental health came up in a group chat with my closest girlfriends from high school.  (I mean, these ladies are more like family than friends, if you know what I mean).  […]


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