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In the Movers & Shakers Community @ TheChangeDoc, we all have the ability to evolve to our best selves – in life and work.

As a psychologist and human resources executive, I’ve supported thousands of leaders through transformational change in their professional (and personal) lives. Whether the change is initiated by you or some other force, is big or small, is positive or not so positive, not only can you get through it but you can also thrive. The key will be how you navigate the change. Here, you will find tips, tools, resources and a community of support as you transition and transform to be your best self.

7 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Boss’s Day 2021

Did you know that October 16th is Boss’s Day? Yep. It’s a real thing! Boss’s Day has been a U.S. national holiday since the 1950’s. And because this year October 16th falls on a weekend, the official observance will happen on Friday, October 15th. The purpose of Boss’s Day is for employees to celebrate their […]

15 Tips For Leaders To Get More Organized At Work

As a leader, are you organized at work? Are you more like Clean-As-A Whistle Caitlin or Stacks-Upon-Stacks Stacey? Here’s more info so you can decide….   Caitlin keeps her digital and physical workspace neat and tidy.  She uses color coding for her filing systems, she makes sure her desk is cleared every evening, and she […]

6 Signs You’re Going Through A Mid-Career Crisis (And What To Do About It)

Are you experiencing a mid-career crisis? There’s something that happens to you when you hit mid-life.  The same occurs when you hit mid-career. You know what I mean. You become very aware of time. Time that has already passed.  Time in the present. And how much time you may have left in the future to […]


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